About Me


It all started when…

As a boy, my mother woke early in the morning—each and every morning—to drive me to a not-so-nearby swimming pool for swim practice. Among all the adventures that were available to a young boy in a seemingly simpler time, these were times I felt most at home. After a break from the water spent doing all the grownup things that we’re told to do, I found my way back into the water over a decade ago and haven’t looked back since. If you have found your way to this space then it’s safe to assume that we share a love for the water and the serenity and sense of adventure that can be found in its depths. Whether tackling challenges in the solitude of lap swimming, training for the leg of a triathlon or committing to a new adventure in the open water, we can all benefit from the experience, training and guidance of other, more experienced swimmers. About eight years ago, I began offering group and individualized training to swimmers. I have created this website as my working portfolio. Rather than providing you a list of certifications and distinctions (I’ve done that anyway below), I have shared a visual list of many of the swims I have tackled throughout the world. For a select few, I have also shared journal entries from my favorite swims to help you to get to know me better and understand how my experiences may benefit you in your pursuits. As we all know, certifications tell only part of the story. Paying of financial dues, class attendance and the successful passing of an exam are an important albeit very small part of being a good instructor. My tagline is “Intuitive Coaching”. This is because much of what we will tackle together will be based upon your personal performance goals, physical makeup and philosophical outlook. Take a read or follow my blog and please never hesitate to contact me with questions.

  • USMS Certified Coach: Level 1 & 2.

  • USMS Certified Adult Learn to Swim Instructor: pending May 2019.

  • Competed in 23 US Triathlons including Olympic Distance.

  • Former Certified Total Immersion Swim Instructor.

  • Open Water Event Swimmer: Worldwide including cold water (see Experience menu).

  • Top 10 2018 Age Group Ranked: 25-free and 25-Fly.

  • Featured in July-August 2015 Swimmer Magazine: “Feeling the Wonder of Water”.

  • South End Rowing Club: Member.

  • Capetown Open Water Swimming Association: Member.