Kona is calling….

Ironman Swim: 2.4

I am enjoying my post-Nationals swimming here in Hawaii. After the discipline and diligence of hitting the pool every day, my time here feels more like pleasure cruising. It has provided me a great opportunity to observe some of the other swimmers here and their strokes. I ended up doing an analysis with Yafa and Francis (who hails from Canada—my first time meeting her…what a delight!) and then spending enough time one-on-one with each of them to make some wonderful progress! They were both ripe for the guidance and deployed some new techniques instantly and this made me feel great! But today is our last organized swim and we went to the Ironman course in town. I was very content to just enjoy the Moment.

As I have been here and swam the course before, I took a bit of a more aggressive approach to the swim and took more of a race pace approach for myself. Changing up my stroke, form and tempo felt smooth yet deliberate and I found a great deal of joy in feeling so in sync. It’s an ongoing and long-term goal…attaining the ability for all the pieces to come together in what feels like an effortless fashion. Toward the end of the swim I focused on maintaining or sustaining this level of calculated composure as I started to push a bit harder. In the end, I was pleased with both my time and the sense of accomplishment. What a great opportunity to experience the open water of the Kona course—HAPPY!!